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- Online event in English.
- No recordings will be allowed.

- Event will be on Zoom.

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September 29th 2020
1 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
(Montreal time, GMT-4)

What are the advertising opportunities during Q4/Holiday and how to leverage your advertising strategy.

How to get your Amazon seller account ready for the holiday.

How to plan your replenishment and how to use backup inventory strategies.

How to leverage your metrics, optimise feedbacks and improve your seller performance.

What you will learn in this virtual event


Todd Boxer
Senior development manager

Todd joined Amazon in 2018 as a Senior Partner Manager to own Amazon’s relationships with independent agencies across Canada. He helps to educate agencies on Amazon’s sponsored ads offering and support in strategy and business development. 

Prior to Amazon Todd has worked at Microsoft, Google and a few Toronto-based start-ups. Outside of work Todd loves to travel, although all plans have been put on hold for now, play tennis and try to convince his fiancé to get a dog.  

Cass Morin
Marketplace Director

Cass heads the marketplace team at Novatize which leads him to take part in the launch and growth of multiple accounts. Supported by a specialized team, his goal is to develop strategies adapted to the reality of brands and sellers.  As an eCommerce part time college lecturer and community manager, Cass stays updated about the evolution of online sales channels and he’s all about knowledge sharing. Proof : That’s the reason why he is present on this event program, and also for the free cookies.

Philippe has had the entrepreneurial spirit since his childhood. As a Vice-President of Sales & Partnerships at Novatize, Philippe helps to grow among the most recognized in the province of Québec.  As part of his commitment to the community, Philippe is a founding member and organizer of La Journée eCommerce, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping brands, retailers and businesses to grow by leveraging digital opportunities.

Philippe Pâquet-De Varennes
Vice-President Sales


1 p.m.


Philippe Pâquet-De Varennes @Novatize

Prepare for Q4 :

Amazon Advertising

Todd Boxer @Amazon

1:05 p.m.

1:25 p.m.

Prepare for Q4: Strategies and agency insights

Cass Morin @Novatize

2:05 p.m.

Panel: Q&A from the crowd

Todd Boxer, Cass Morin & Philippe Pâquet-De Varennes

*You will be asked for your questions during your reservation .

2:25 p.m.


Philippe Pâquet-De Varennes @Novatize

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